$65 per person

"Every time I take a class with Elena, I'm literally in disbelief that I made the thing I end up with. Elena's such a good teacher, and with her techniques, I really can paint those flowers or that galaxy." -Eli, owner of CRAFT


Elena offers several classes: cacti, desserts, florals, and galaxies. Each class covers watercolor basics -- like wet on wet and lifting -- and different techniques like how to paint petals in the floral class and how to create a psychedelic style in the cactus class.

Elena will share her painting process, including tips and practices that can help improve your observation and drawing skills.


We'll get you everything you need before the online class so that you can follow along and paint successfully. 

supplies may include:

  • watercolors

  • paintbrush

  • watercolor paper

  • Micron pen

  • white gel pen

  • pencil and eraser

  • rubbing alcohol

  • calligraphy ink


what you'll need at home:

  • jar/cup of water

  • paper towel

eli [at] madeatcraft.com


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